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Some Dos and Don'ts

At the Temple your belongings will be put through Film Safe Baggage Screening Machine.

You will be physically frisked and have to pass through a metal detector

You will be under Closed Circuit Television Surveillance at all times.

There is a separate entrance near Gate No.: 5 for Senior Citizens, Foreigners, NRIs, Women with infants and Physically Challenged individuals. Assistance and guidance is available at the PRO Office. 

Laptop Computers and Cameras are not permitted in the Temple premises. Lockers are provided just outside the main gate at a nominal charges of Rs. 50/- and Rs. 20/- respectively.

Firearms, Firecrackers, weapons or ammunition, sharp objects, inflammables, corrosive liquids, acids and similar items are strictly prohibited in and around Temple premises.


  • Plan your visit to the Temple.

  • Have bath and wear clean washed clothes while visiting the Temple.

  • There is a stand for footwear, please make use of it.

  • Temple is a very sacred place and Visitors are requested and expected to dress appropriately.

  • Remaining patient, silent and mentally chanting "Shree Gajanana, Jai Gajanana, Jai Jai Ganesh Morya" pleases the Lord immensely.

  • Endeavour of the Temple Staff and Volunteers is to let you take Darshan in the shortest possible time. In case of high crowd, please be patient and remain silent.

  • Deposit your offering in the Hundi only. 

  • Be patient and follow the Queue and wait for your turn to get Darshan 

  • Respect the religious sentiments and feelings of fellow devotees.

  • Contact the Trust office or Trust Officials to enquire about the Temple, Sevas or any other information.

  • Restrict mobile conversations to emergency or important ones only and keep them brief.

  • Keep your mobile in silent mode or switched off.  

  • Be courteous and respectful to the Security Staff and Volunteers, they are there to serve you.


  •  Don't have Non-Vegetarian food or alcohol before visiting the Temple.

  •  Don't loiter around purposelessly or wearing footwear in the or around the Temple premises.

  •  Don't entertain Touts promising quick Darshan and  Don't encourage begging.

  •  Don't buy cheap Prasad from road side vendors, it can cause food poisoning.

  •  Don't sit idly, eat, drink, sleep, quarrel, talk loudly in the Temple premises.

  •  Don't discuss about your wealth or compare yourself with others.

  •  Don't indulge in Smoking or consumption of alcohol, Paan, Gutka and similar tobacco products, it is strictly prohibited.

  •  Don't wear too much jewellery or carry valuables. Take care of your belongings and children.

  • Don't wear footwear, or move around in a vehicle, in and around the premises of the temple.

  •  Don't talk on mobile phone, it disturbs others and distracts your own mind away from the purpose for which you are at the Temple.

  •  Don't sit or stand with your back towards the Lord.

  •  Don't obeisance with only one hand.

  •  Don't be rude to Security Staff or Volunteers, they are there to serve you.

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