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Steps to follow while donating shares to Siddhivinayak Temple


  • Devotee has to fill the DIS slip and submit it to his broker for transfer of the desired shares to Siddhivinayak Temple Trust.

  • DIS slip has to be filled with all the relevant details like Temple’s DP ID as 12047200, Client ID as 11413505 and BO Name as “SHREE SIDDHIVINAYAK GANPATI TEMPLE”.

  • Broker will then transfer your desired shares to Siddhivinayak Temple’s Demat account.

  • On successful receipt of shares in the demat account of Siddhivinayak Temple, SSL will sell the shares at the prevailing market price.

  • Post selling the shares, SSL will intimate all the details to the Siddhivinayak Temple Trust, hence completing the sale proceeds of the shares you wish to donate to the Temple.


1.    Who can donate the shares / securities?

Anyone who is having Demat Account can donate the shares.


2.    Can I donate physical shares?

No. Shares and securities which are held in a dematerialised form can only be donated.


3.    How can I donate the shares / securities?

For donating the shares you have to fill DIS slip and submit it to your broker.


4.    What is a DIS slip?

DIS slip is Delivery Instruction slip which is used to transfer securities from one Demat account to another Demat account.


5.    What is the Beneficiary Owners (BO) name of SHREE SIDDHIVINAYAK GANPATI TEMPLE?



6.    What is Beneficiary Owners (BO) ID of SHREE SIDDHIVINAYAK GANPATI TEMPLE?

The Beneficiary Owners (BO) ID of SHREE SIDDHIVINAYAK GANPATI TEMPLE is 12047200-11413505.


7.    Can I donate delisted shares / securities or which are not trading in market?

No.  All shares / securities are not available for donation. Devotee can donate the shares only from the list of shares specifically provided by the SBICAP securities Ltd.


8.    From where shall I get the eligible list of shares/ securities which are available for donation?

For eligible list of shares/securities Click Here. For further information pls contact SBICAPS Securities Ltd. (Nitin Bajpai 022-42273365 / Sachin More 022-42273369)


Specimen of DIS slip duly filled


Things to note while filling the DIS slip. 

  • Devotee’s BO ID and name will be pre-printed in the slip.

  • On the right top corner, the date of filling the DIS slip has to be filled and check the Delivery box.

  • In the ISIN column, ISIN code of the scrip you wish to donate should be filled.

  • In the Security Name column, Scrip name should be duly filled.

  • Next to the Security Name column, there is “Quantity in figures” and “Quantity in Words” column which have to be filled with the number of shares the devotee whishes to donate.

  • Check the “Others” box in the reasons column and write the explanation as “ DONATION ”

  • Fill the Counter DP ID as 12047200.

  • Client Id has to be filled as 11413505.

  • Counter BO/CM name has to be filled as SHREE SIDDHIVINAYAK GANPATI TEMPLE.

  • Devotee needs to duly sign in the signature field. If the account is held by multiple owners, then all the holders have to duly sign in the respective columns.

  • Registered mobile number has to be entered in the field provided for Mobile No.

  • Note: The Execution date field needs to be left blank.


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